Election Day for Benton, Franklin County school bond issues is Feb. 14

Election Day for Benton and Franklin Counties is on Feb. 14. Ballot drop boxes will close at 8 p.m. that day.

It will be a big day for the future of many local schools.

Benton County elections will cover school bond issues for Richland School District, Prosser Consolidated School District and Finley School District.

Richland School District’s measure includes a general obligation bond issue of up to $99,000,000 to be repaid within 15 years.

It would go to building four new elementary schools, renovating Richland High’s auditorium, fixing up the athletic field at both Richland and Hanford High School, constructing a new administrative center, acquiring land and developing an early learning center.

Prosser School District’s bond measure would issue no more than $69,300,000, which would be repaid within 21 years.

It would cover the building of a new high school next to Art Fiker Stadium, which would replace Prosser High School. It also includes a renovation plan for Keene-Riverview, Prosser Heights and Whitstran Elementary Schools. The historic portion of Prosser High would be turned into an administrative space.

Finley School District’s bond measure would be no more than $10,000,000 repaid within 20 years.

It would include a renovation of River View High, Finley Middle and Finley Elementary School. The bond issue would also cover a remodel of the Career and Technical Education Buildings and Greenhouses. Finally, it would go toward improvements in technological infrastructure, physical education, health and athletics.

Franklin County elections will cover bonds for Pasco School District and a proposition for Othello School District to include a replacement levy for maintenance and operation.

Pasco School District’s bonds be no more than $65,500,000 repaid within 21 years.

They would cover the construction of two new elementary schools, the replacement of Stevens Middle School and a new classroom at Curie Elementary. The bond issue would be no more than $65,500,000 maturing within 21 years.

“If you still have your ballot it’s not too late to Vote it, Sign it, Send it,” Franklin County Auditor Matt Beaton said.

Here is the sample ballot for Benton County:

Here's the one for Franklin County:

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