Pasco Farmer's Market Kicks Off Saturday Morning

For nearly three decades the Pasco Farmer's Market has been selling fresh produce from local farmers.

"You know it started out for just local growers as a place to bring their produce and sell to a mass amount of people," says Pasco Development Authority Director Michael Goins.

Just like the Friday Food Trucks which brought in $40,000 in it's first month of sales the hope is to bring more economic development to Downtown Pasco.

"We decided to come here to have lunch and they've got really good food," says Kennewick resident Jennifer Ryan.

The farmer's market has expanded beyond fresh produce.

"Over the years we've gained not only more growers and different types of farmers but we've also grown crafters and we've had food and beverage vendors and food trucks here and we'll have entertainment so it's really a great program," says Goins.

Goins says this year organizers are working to make farmer's market "a destination" of sorts.

"So we will be introducing wine tastings and related events and really trying to pair the produce and growers with more wine growers in the area. It's grown from a market that started out with 15 vendors, now 40 vendors." Goins explains.

Many who stopped by food truck friday are planning to return for tomorrow's farmer's market opening.

"Oh we are very excited yes! I want to see what the local produce is, a lot of times the farmers are there, you get to meet the farmers, talk to them, see where they are," says Ryan.

Rain or shine the farmer's market opens at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, and will continue every Saturday through the end of October.

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