Pasco man arrested for assaulting officers, relative and outstanding warrants

A Pasco man was arrested after allegedly punching and kicking police officers. He was also booked for assaulting a relative with a restraining order against him.

Ruben Campos was arrested Monday evening after a resident at the 400 block of West Sylvester called police shouting “Fight.”

Police arrived around 5:30 p.m. Campos told officers to leave and that nothing was going on.

Officers were trying to speak with other people at the scene when the suspect “sucker-punched” an officer and knocked him down, Pasco Police said on Facebook. He apparently tried to keep beating the officer until he was threatened with a Taser.

He also kicked an officer while being escorted to the patrol car, reports said. One of the officers was sent to the emergency room for minor injuries.

It turns out Campos already had a laundry list of outstanding arrest warrants.   

He had previously been charged with four additional felonies – robbery, residential burglary and assault in the second and fourth degree, police said.

The suspect was booked into Franklin County Jail on three assault charges on top of the other crimes.

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