Prosser Seniors Fighting For Facility

The Prosser Senior Center signed a lease with the City of Prosser in December 1998, but that lease may be changing as the city looks to expand the uses of the building.

Senior club member, Clifford Steelman, worries the club will have to leave and give up its long-term use of the facility that means so much to them. He says the center helps seniors stay active and social within their community.

“"What happens to us? Are they just going to leave us at home watching television… melt into our chairs, die young. I don’t like the thought of it,” says Steelman.

The City of Prosser, however, says it does not want the seniors to leave. It hopes to rent the facility for weddings, funerals, or birthdays. Prosser City Administrator, Dave Stockdale, estimates the city could generate around $5,000 in revenue per year if the building was open to the community.

“We're definitely not interested at all in kicking them out, it’s been a good, long relationship with them,” says Stockdale.

Senior club members say they are planning to voice their concerns to the community at a city council meeting Tuesday night.

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