UPDATE: Neighborhood cleans up offensive, racial graffiti

BENTON CITY, Wash. (KVEW-TV) – Benton County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate a string of offensive and racially charged graffiti in Benton City.

Saturday morning, residents of the Legion Heights neighborhood awoke to green paint defacing their property.

Neighbors who wished to remain anonymous told KVEW-TV one of the worst cases was a camper trailer painted with the N-word.

Residents took pictures of the same green paint splattered over the next few blocks.

One family was left to clean up their cyclone fence with genitalia graffitied 12 feet across it.

“It's just really sad. I mean, we want our community to be nice,” the woman said over the phone. “So for someone to do this, is just devastating."

Another resident expressed worry of retaliation.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the Benton County Sheriff’s Office gang team continued to investigate. However, Sgt. Horacio Gonzalez stressed after concluding the N-word was not targeted at a victim, his office believed the crime was more likely be a juvenile prank.

He also urged victims to speak out about the incident.

“If they see anything like that again, call us,” Gonzalez said. “We put extra patrols in the area over the last weekend.”

For now, the damage is uncalculated.

A number of vehicles, buildings and street signs were all tagged with the same color sometime overnight Friday into Saturday.