Icy weather causes deicer shortage across Tri-Cities

Snow and freezing rain this week have left a slippery layer of ice over streets, driveways and parking lots.

Tri-Cities residents have been busy looking to remove the ice and as of Thursday evening, deicers are extremely difficult to find anywhere in town.

Greg Hunsaker, a manager at Ranch & Home in Kennewick, said his store is having trouble keeping ice melting products in stock. Deicer has been flying off the shelves this winter, and recent weather has delayed shipments.

“We probably get 10 phone calls an hour looking for ice melt,” Hunsaker told KAPP-KVEW.

He said an ice melt shipment was supposed to come in Monday, but it was since delayed because of the closure of Snoqualmie Pass.

The Pass is now open to eastbound traffic, and a new shipment of ice melt is scheduled to arrive at the store by Friday.

Dangerous travel conditions seem to have impacted winter supplies for all hardware stores in the area.

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