Walla Walla

$1 million in damages to Walla Walla roads

There are currently more than 70 roads damaged in Walla Walla, streets bubbling up and crumbling due to the frozen ground thawing from the harsh winter. The city estimates the repairs will cost about $1 million, and won’t be permanently fixed until late Spring.

"The hot mix asphalt will be produced in March, early April so these are just temporary fixes until we can get that hot mix asphalt, to pave over these and fix them in a more permanent way,“ says Walla Walla City Communications Director, David Brauhn.

Brauhn explains crews will fix the holes with larger rocks and gravel that will not sink into the soil, as a temporary fix. The city has prioritized seven locations to repair first. Repairs should take about a month to complete. 

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