Walla Walla

Walla Walla drug suspect arrested after chase leads police to three ounces of meth

A Walla Walla drug dealer suspect is arrested on numerous felony charges after trying to evade police in a rush-hour pursuit.

Seth Cunha, 31, is in jail for unlawful possession of meth and hydrocodone with intent to sell, unlawful possession of a firearm and attempting to elude authorities.

Police pulled the man over in his Ford F-150 pickup on Tuesday for a routine traffic violation. He handed his driver’s license to the officer just before a K-9 Unit prepared to conduct an exterior sniff of the vehicle.

Cunha took off eastbound past Whitman College, leading officers on a chase through various downtown streets.

He allegedly threw a loaded semi-automatic handgun out of the vehicle mid-pursuit.

After losing police for a short time, his truck was finally located at the intersection of Division and Edgewood. He submitted to police there without incident.

Walla Walla Police recovered over three ounces of meth, hydrocodone pills, drug paraphernalia and a package containing thousands of dollars at an undisclosed location.

More narcotics may have been thrown from the vehicle, according to police reports.

Further charges may be given as investigation is ongoing.

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