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Walla Walla woman fights for her life

Christina Johanson is a woman who loves life. She is an avid runner, cyclist, traveler, and dedicated physical therapist in Walla Walla. Johanson is also a breast cancer survivor, and is fighting for her life once more, now overseas.

Johanson made a trip to India last month to visit her parents when she was struck by a motorcyclist while riding her bike from the beach. She suffered a traumatic brain injury and is now in intensive care as her family desperately tries to bring her home. Though she was in a coma the week following her accident, her family says she is now awake and able to say few words, a first step in a long road to recovery.

Christina’s brother, Michael Johanson, and his wife, Maybelle Johanson, have been fundraising to raise money to both bring their sister home and pay for treatments once she’s here. Michael Johanson says a Medivac from India will cost around $150,000 dollars and rehabilitation treatments can cost more than $40,000 per month.

The family does not yet know the extent of Christina’s injuries. They are simply wanting her to be back home in Washington to receive the care she needs.

To make a donation to the Johanson family, visit their Go Fund Me page

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