Time to Check Your Air Conditioning Unit

Summer months are upon us again which means it might be time to get a new A/C unit, well it might also be time just to get an inspection or change out your filters. I got some tips and tricks from professionals about what you can do for these upcoming months.

"Just keep it clean, thats all i can tell you, just keep it clean"

Josh Anderson has been working on heating and cooling appliances for 30-years, this is the time of the year when he begins to see his work pick up as people are preparing to run their a/c units for the first time.. and realize the unit is not working

"It's mainly the electrical components just give up, so we have to replace them, mainly motors and capacitors that go out," said Josh Anderson

A maintenance technician may not be needed if you are in a smaller home or apartment. Going to your local hardware store, you can get some advice on parts that need replacement.

"We see massive filter sales usually when air conditioners start kicking in or in the fall when the heaters start turning on," said Brad Chriastianson, Ace Hardware owner.

This hardware store has already sold a few air conditioning units including one earlier this morning. Brad knows the rush for fans and ac units is on the horizon.

"When it starts to get warm we see a big push on fans and air conditioners as well or we have had a lot of people so far preparing their swamp coolers and getting those ready for the warm weather"

Easiest thing to do is check your filter, start by replacing that, you can clean different parts to rid the unit of dust. If the unit isn't starting correctly it could be from damage from freezing over the winter months. In that case call a technician or try to do it yourself with help from a local store.

If you started using your A/C, Anderson says you should start checking your filter every month. Then you can build your way up to just checking it quarterly.

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