Local Teen Pays it Forward

Most teens with summer jobs use everything they've saved to purchase clothes, shoes or the latest gadget.

Sky Druffel, however, used $600 she saved up from pulling rye this summer to purchase a Ford Explorer from a local non profit called National Way and decided to give it to a woman at the YWCA.

"I thought it'd be cool if I bought a car but that's kind of ridiculous and it doesn't do anything for anyone, so then I thought if I give a car away to somebody who really needs one that's something else that could help somebody," said Sky.

The woman got out of an abusive relationship and has two children and she's trying to get back in her feet.

"It was just really awesome to be there and give her the keys and her face just lit up," said Sky. "It was just the most amazing thing in the world to see that happen."

Sky's mom is more than proud of her daughter but says this isn't anything new.

"Not surprising. Sky is always thinking big picture, what she can do in this community and how she can help other people," said Christy Druffel.

This is the first year Sky's leadership teacher tried out this project, requiring students to do something benficial for someone else.

He was so floored by sky's choice he wants to continue the project for years to come, hoping others will follow in her footsteps.

"I want to show them the full range of what you can do and that you're never too young to go out and make a big difference in our community," said Chris Plucker.

Sky says it was all worth it.

"I have a warm tingly feeling in my heart and its never going to go away," said Sky.

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