Local Vet Opens New Taphouse In Pasco

Brews Taphouse and Growler Fills opened two and a half weeks ago.

Owner Mark Garrett served in the army for five years which included two tours in Iraq.

What he did not expect when he opened his business was for his military background to be just as important as the beers he has on tap.

Veterans have been coming in to support the place simply because they heard he was a fellow vet.

"I didn't expect it, to see them come in just on their own will for the love of veterans," said Garrett.

 Paul Lamm, the president of the Combat Veterans Tri-Cities chapter, said once the group knows a business is veteran owned they make it a point to support it.

"It's not to take away from any other establishments here in the Tri-Cities but we stick together and that's what this is about to support another veteran," said Lamm.

He said it is important to the veterans that Garrett knows that nothing has changed, they all still have his back.

Garrett said even though he had never met any of these vets there was an instant bond and mutual feeling of appreciation.

"Someone that you can relate to you and it's always nice to know that they're there to support you," said Garrett.

Brews has 40 craft beers on tap and they are all rotating, so as soon as the keg is out something totally new replaces it.

They also have a digital menu that is constantly updating and streamed live to their website.

Brews is located right off of Road 68 in Pasco.

The taphouse does not have a kitchen but they pair up with a food truck on the weekend.

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