Local Vet Passes Away But Bucket List Wish Continues

We want to update you on one of our stories we brought you a few weeks ago.

Veteran David Wells, who was featured in one of our red reports, has unfortunately lost his battle with cancer.

One of Wells' last wishes was to fix up his yard for his wife to leave it as a nice place before he passed.

Once his fellow veterans heard this they stepped in to spearhead the project.

Local businesses donated their time and services in honor of a man who fought for our freedom.

Last time we talked to Wells he said seeing this project take shape was making each of his days easier.

"It does, it makes it a little better knowing that when I do go it's going to be better for her," said Wells.

Wells didn't get to see his yard completely finished but he passed away knowing that the project was in motion and in good hands.

His fellow veterans plan to see this project through and now the finish product will be somewhat of a memorial to this fallen soldier.

We send our condolences to his family.

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