Local Woman Hosts Scale Smashing Party

A local woman is raisng money and awareness about eating disorders.

Rae Smith is hosting a grand scale smashing party at at this hour at the Kiwanis club in Columbia Park in Kennewick.

Smith said that people should not be beholden to the number on the scale and that you can better achieve your goals when you are not worrying about that particular number.

She was also collecting donations tonight for those who need treatment as part of a larger eating disorder recovery group.

"We have this idea and these goals and whether or not you have an eating disorder symptoms scales can be triggering. We all have these bodies and these expectations and I want to get rid of those bad expectations," said Smith.

Smith set out last July to walk across America to raise awareness about the issue.

Eighty miles into her trip Smith got a foot infection and had to stop.

Even though her trip was cut short her new goal is to open up the discussion people have about eating disorders.

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