Locals Remember Medal of Honor Recipient

A small group gathers at Tahoma Cemetery in Yakima to celebrate national Medal of Honor Day.

Veterans and city officials held a ceremony at Sergeant Jack Pendleton's gravesite.

Pendleton is the only only Medal of Honor recipient from Yakima.

Pendleton was killed during World War II after drawing gunfire away from his platoon, so that his men could take out the enemy's nest.

Ceremony goers say they want the public to remember heroes who earn the medal while in the service.

"We hope to raise awareness on National Medal of Honor Day, it's a pretty important day," said Vietnam veteran Rick Beck, "It's unbelievable what it takes to be awarded the Medal of Honor, it's our nation's highest award."

The Yakima City Council renamed a portion of "A" Street in downtown Yakima after Sergeant Pendleton last year.

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