Longtime Friend of Woman Found in Pasco Home Speaks Out

We are continuing to follow the story of a man and woman whose bodes were found inside a Pasco home Monday morning.

29-year-old Monique Williams and 36-year-old Aaron Newport appeared to have died in a violent way, according to Pasco Police officers.

Many people have posted on our social media pages as well as others that this was a murder-suicide but Pasco Police Captain Jim Raymond said none of that is confirmed.

Williams' longtime friend from high school, Karna Cristina, lives in Seattle and tells Your Local ABC Williams was supposed to go visit her for wine tasting this weekend.

When Cristina didn't hear back from her friend earlier this week, she began to worry.

"She didn't answer or ever reply, which I thought was strange," said Cristina.

Once she found out what happened toher friend, Cristina was at a loss for words.

"That this could happen to someone like Monique is mind blowing," said Cristina. "I just want people to know she was caring and amazing and loved everyone and would do anything for anyone."

Local friends tell us Williams and Newport were in a relationship, but Cristina said she never knew Williams had a boyfriend.

Cristina said she and Williams grew up together in Alaska and Williams moved to Tri-Cities after receiving a nursing degree in Orgeon more than five years ago.

Autopsies for both Williams and Newport are scheduled for tomorrow morning and there is no word yet on plans for funerals.

Pasco Police officers tell us they plan to hold a news conference tomorrow afternoon to give us more information as to what happened in that Pasco home.

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