Man Falls from Dumpster While Being Emptied by Truck

A Kennewick Waste Management driver got quite a surprise this morning while emptying a large dumpster on the 1500 block of West 7th Avenue.

Upon dumping the dumpster he saw in the mirror what appeared to be a person amidst the trash.  The driver shut down the equipment and that's when Justin Neiman jumped out of the truck and got into a verbal argument with the driver, according to police.

When officers responded and contacted Neiman he stated that the posted notice on the dumpster says "DO NOT CLIMB ON, IN OR OCCUPY THIS CONTAINER" but does not specifically say "NO TRESPASSING" therefore he had a right to sleep in the dumpster that was located on private property.

Neiman was taken to the hospital with minor injuries after falling about 10 feet.

He was cited for criminal trespassing and released to medics.

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