Man Fights Police, Steals Police Car, Crashes Down the Block

Police were called out to the El Compadre Sports Bar around midnight for complaints of an unwanted man creating a nusiance of himself outside of the bar.

Police say the 23 year old suspect charged one of the officers when they arrived.

Officers tried to use stun guns and batons to control the man, however, he was unfazed.

The suspect then broke free, stole one of the officers cars and drove off -- he crashed into a parked car in a neighborhood just a few blocks down the road.  

There, a nearby tow truck driver was able to keep the man trapped in the car, despite being attacked, until more officers arrived.

The suspect was taken to the hospital with crash related injuries.

One neighbor living next to the crash scene says she was shocked the man had put up such a fight.

"They're up to where they're stealing cars, police cars, it's getting to where they're not respecting at all, and it's getting scary," said Christina Ponce, "That means if they'll do it to a police car, they'll even do it to you; they'll pull you out of the car and take it. That's kind of scary."

Police say the man is still in the hospital, and will be put into the county jail as soon as he is released. 

Police say they are asking prosecutors to file two charges of third degree assault, and theft of a motor vehicle against the suspect.

Officers were unclear as to whether or not the suspect was under the influence.

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