A Man On A Mission To Meet All of His Facebook Friends In Person

One man is on a mission to meet all of his Facebook friends in person.

Mikel McLaughlin is spending five weeks traveling across the county to try and get to know his Facebook friends.

He said he realized he had a lot of Facebook friends that he hardly knew and some he barley recognized.  

Mclaughlin wanted to see if he could turn them into actual relationships.

He said along the way he has learned from the stories he's heard and sees that people are open to creating deeper relationships.

"The big picture is that I think people are open to actual friendships. I think people are open to formats other than Facebook and are welcome to that and want that in their life it's just a little bit more difficult when you have an easier format to have these friendships through," said McLaughlin.

McLaughlin said most people are open to meeting him for lunch or coffee after he messages them.

He said some even plan events for them to do together.

McLaughlin takes pictures with everyone and writes about his experience on his website,

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