Man Killed In Police Standoff Wanted To Be Shot By Officers

A four hour police standoff in west Pasco ended with the suspect, 49-year-old Rick Howard, killed by police.

At a news conference local law enforcement said Howard was highly intoxicated and fighting with his wife Vicky when the shooting started.

A neighbor who said he was good friends with Howard said that he and his wife were leaving for a birthday party last night when they saw Vicky Howard running from her house.

The neighbor, who asked his name not be used, said Howard was standing on the front doorstep with three guns in his hand.    

He said Rick had a heart transplant 11 years ago and has been struggling with mental ups and downs due to the medication.

Howard told his neighbor that he was finished with this life and wanted a police officer or his friend to shoot him.

The neighbor tried to talk Howard into going back inside his house but it wasn't working.     

Benton County Deputy Jason Erickson lives in the neighborhood and also tried to talk Rick into going inside.

When that wasn't working Erickson made the 911 call and then fired three rounds at Howard.

At that point the other neighbor ducked behind his car and howard barricaded himself inside his home.

All area police units responded to the scene, including the Tri-Cities SWAT unit.

They were able to move the neighbor trapped near his car by shots to safety.

During this Howard continued to fire off around 60 shots inside his home and dozens more out a window facing other homes and a park.

It took officers roughly two hours to safely secure the neighborhood, and some were told to evacuate.

SWAT team ordered Howard to come out of his house unarmed, he was surrounded.

After the third call, just before 11 p.m. Howard opened the front door.

Officers said he was holding a rifle in a threatening way and Benton County Sheriff's Detective Scott Surplus, a member of the SWAT team, shot Howard once in the chest killing him.

After making sure the scene was clear officers allowed neighbors back into their homes.

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