Marijuana Stores In Our Area Set To Open Their Doors Tomorrow

After nearly two years of waiting since the passage of I-502, the first recreational marijuana retail stores in the state of Washington are set to open their doors tomorrow.

There are two shops in our area opening.

Altitude in Prosser is set to open its doors at 8 a.m tomorrow.

Station 420 in Union Gap is hoping to open on Wednesday at 10 a.m.

Adam Markus, the owner of Station 420 in Union Gap, said the shop is all set up and ready to open the only thing they need is the marijuana

"Once we place our order the processor has to put the order in a locked cage and let it sit there for 24 hours," Markus said. "On 24 hours and one minute they can pull it out and we can either be there to pick it up or they can be on their way to deliver it."

Meanwhile in Prosser Altitude knows their product will be there by 8 a.m. they are just worried about having enough to meet demands.     

Marijuana supply throughout the state will be limited because Washington growers are behind on their product.

"It was a bit of a challenge because there's not that many growers out there that have license," said Altitude spokesperson Manel Valenzuela. 

Valenzuela said adjustments are being made to accommodate the small marijuana supply.

Only the first 300 people will be allowed through the doors and sales will be limited to one gram per customer.

Owners are also adjusting store hours for the first few weeks of July to make sure they have enough marijuana to keep their doors open.

"On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday we will be open from 3 to 6 and on Sunday 11 to 4, but that all depends on the influx of customers and the amount of product we have available," said Valenzuela.

Once station 420 opens it will operate on regular hours.

Markus said they have an order of 4 pounds of marijuana placed, and customers will be allowed to purchase the maximum legal amount of one ounce.

They are hoping that can last at least 48 hours.

The marijuana at station 420 and Altitude will cost $20-$30 per gram, depending on the strand.     

Markus said he will be updating Station 420's facebook page, Station 420 LLC, if there are any changes to their scheduled opening time.

Altitude is planning to have a grand opening the third week in July and at that point they will stop limiting their hours and let people buy up to one ounce.

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