Memorial Day Travel, Expect the Unexpected

Theres always one thing you can expect during Memorial Day travel and thats the traffic, but sometimes you have to expect... The unexpected

Whether you like traveling during the memorial day weekend..

"Awesome to get to camp with our family, and good food, good friends, lots of relaxation," said Michelle Worthington

Or you try to avoid the rush altogether...

"I used to drive trucks for a living, so i've been retired for 10 or 11 years i try to stay away from all that nonsense," said  Ron Pedrotti

One thing we learned while in Selah is being prepared for disaster while traveling can save a life. One Tri-Cities family leanred that in an instant today--

John Thomas told me about his RV that caught fire while on I-82, "A car pulled up next to us very excited, waving to us which means pull over so we did, and as soon as we pulled over a second car pulled up behind us and yelled get out! So we did and my wife saw flames grabbed our grandchildren i got a fire extinguisher gave it a shot, had no effect whatsoever. So we ran up the hill to the side road a little bit and just watched the fire"

John Thomas didn't even have time to get his shoes on, and when the family realized their young girl was still in the flame engulfed vehicle, the girl's grandmother had to act fast.

"When the flames started my wife dove for the baby, the infant first, told her to get out when she came out and handed me the kid my granddaughter had not jumped out. So we turned around and said jump and she just say down and screamed so my wife dove in the door grabbed her and dove back out. Through the flame. There was about a three foot flame she just dove in and grabbed her and jumped," Said Thomas

The family is safe, which is in large part to their preparation for a problem on the highway by talking before they even left the house.

"We had the discussion before we left if anything ever happens, get out, figure it out after."

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