Mikey's Chance Canine Rescue struggling after saving puppies with parvo

A parvo outbreak has put local dog rescue group Mikey's Chance in a tough spot. They have now lost five of the foster homes they count on most to take puppies.

Mikey's Chance rescued five puppies for a high-kill shelter in Idaho. Along the way, the liter came in contact with a surface infected by parvo.

"Parvo is a deadly virus for puppies, it's one of the first things that they are vaccinated against," said Jessey Bement, Mikey's Chance volunteer of three years. 

One of the puppies, named Yogi, passed away from the virus. The other four are in and out of emergency care for treatment, now on an outpatient basis.

"Because they are sick and they've been in these foster homes, the foster homes can now no longer foster puppies for another seven years, it's a stubborn and very contagious virus," said Bement.

The rescue group is looking for more foster homes to take in puppies, giving them a good first impression to the world.

"It helps them to learn to trust people and be socialized and learn to give back the love that they receive," said Bement.

They are also collecting donations to help with treatment for the other four puppies. If you'd like to donate, click here.

Here are some of the puppies available for adoption:

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