Milk Prices Going Up

Christyl Guthrie does her weekly grocery shopping this morning.

She's lived in the Yakima area for years, and remembers when buying a gallon of milk  cost just some pocket change.

"I remember it being lower than a dollar," said Guthrie.

But that price tag is far back in the rear view mirror.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, dairy farmers were being paid over $23 for 100 pounds of milk at the beginning of the year -- a nearly $20 increase from the year before.

That translates to milk on the shelves being bumped up significantly -- the price of a gallon of milk can range from just under $2, to over $4.

The price of a gallon of milk can vary based on the grocery store you're shopping at.

For local stores like Save on Foods in Selah, the price of a 2% gallon of milk can cost up to $4.29.

"For someone with food stamps, it's kind of affecting our budget a little bit," said Guthrie.

A number of factors are adding to the increased cost; dairy exports at historic highs, reduced hay production, to even weather are adding to the rise in prices.

As long as the price of milk continues to rise, mom's like Guthrie may have have to continue cutting down their food budget to make room for some milk.

"It's one of the healthier options for the kids growing up," said Guthrie, "It does help them grow up nice and strong, so it is a necessity I think."

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