Milton-Freewater Allows City Employees to Carry a Gun on the Job with a License

Earlier this week the city of Milton-Freewater passed a regulation allowing city employees to carry a gun while on the job if they have a license to carry a concealed weapon.

The whole conversation started when a public works employee requested to carry his concealed weapon while at work. 

In 6 -1 vote Monday the Milton -Freewater city council passed a regulation allowing city employees to carry a weapon while on the job if they have a concealed weapomn permit.

The vote wasnt unamious and the reaction among the city hasn't been unamious either.

Council members said those who voted to pass the amendment all did so for the same reason.
"We each took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Oregon so the second amendment is apart of that oath and I don't see why we would deny our employees the right to carry when they've already been approved through the Shierff's Department to be able to carry," said council member Sam Hopkins-Hubbard.  

Marge Roff a local real estate agent said she's not thrilled with the decision but is willing to accept it.

"My opinion is that it shouldn't be necessary, but unfortunately the society we live in can be very dangerous," said Roff.

Ed Chesut the council member who voted against the change said he's not upset with the decision but wanted to make sure the community knows this is not a black and white topic.

"When we make that change other factors become risks. The potential that a situation which was already thense could esclate simply because there's a firearm," said Chesnut.

The majority of the council members said that whether the citizens agree or disagree with the idea they hope they  look at it as a way to try and keep them safe.

"The comments that I've heard was that if employees think they are unsafe then we have a problem and we should adress that but that wasn't what the issue was. The purpose of the request was that the person wanted to assist if something really radical started to happen, " said Chesnut.  

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