Milton-Freewater Man Ready To Begin His One Nation Ride

A Milton-Freewater man is leaving tomorrow on a cross county trip on horseback.

Sam Hopkins-Hubabrd is on a mission to figure out what makes the United States united.

He said everything he's had to do to get ready hasn't left him much time to get nervous about the actual trip.

Sam will be documenting his trip in a journal for the book that he plans to write when he returns.

Sam's plan is still to ride about 30 miles each day and at the end of the day knock on the door of the closest home and asking for a place to stay.

He wants to get the story of each person that takes him in, in hi search for the answers of what makes unique individual Americans one collective nation.

Joshua Hopkins-Hubbard, Sam's son, said he is worried about all the "what ifs" and his dad riding along busy roads.

Joshua said more than anything he is hopeful that the people his dad meets are receptive to his message.

"I just hope the he gets his dreams accomplished and gets his message across. He really loves this country and loves the people. I hope that people open up their homes to him and he gets to actually meet them," said Joshua.

Sam's friend John Faires, who lived atop a hill isolated from society with only horses for six years, said the first month is going to be the roughest for Sam and the horses.

"Over about a month he is going to start learning how to listen to their eyes, and he's got to learn what type of attitude or arrogance they have, and they are going to learn his too," siad Faires.

Faires suspects Sam will learn a lot from the horses themselves on this journey.

"Horses, they don't trust, they accept everything there is. Sam on his trip he has to come to the curve of accepting each and every day as it comes and every moment as it comes and the best teacher i know is an equine," said Faires.

Sam said he knows he will have some growing pains and is nervous about heading into the Mid-West during tornado season, but more than anything he is excited about the people he might meet and the stories he will get to tell.

"The camaraderie of spirit that we will find with American citizens that's going to be the highlight," said Sam.

Saturday morning friends family and the community will gather at Sam's market for a send off.

Sam along with 40-50 other horses and riders will all saddle up together.

They will all ride with Sam out to the edge of town, and then wish him well.

The send off is at Sam's Corner Market at 9 a.m.

You can follow Sam's trip at or

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