Milton-Freewater Man Rides Across America To Find What Unites The United States

Next month, a Miltion-Freewater man plans to ride a horse while carrying an American flag from his home all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.

Sam Hopkins-Hubbard is calling this a patriotic ride.

He's hoping to find the simple similarity in the people he meets across America, and at the end of it write a book about what makes the United States united.

He plans on riding 30 miles each day and at the end of the day knocking on the door of the closest home, asking for a place to stay.

"It doesn't have to be a ranch. I'm looking to stay with people of all demographics in this country," said Hopkins- Hubbard.

He said the point is to bring to light the smiliarities of all Americans.

"The goal is to tell a story of the goodness of the American people and to show the unity. I believe we have way more in common than what we have for differences, it's just that story's never told." said Hopkins-Hubbard.

Sam's bringing a phone and computer with him so people can track his journey.

He plan is to ride 30 miles each day. The horses go about 5 miles-per-hour and he plans to ride for two hours then let them graze for one.

Based on that pace it's going to take sam about four months to make it to the East Coast.

During some stretchs of the trip Sam and his horses will be traveling along the highway but he has been preparing the horses for that. 

He plans on talking with schools and local news stations along the way and hopes that someone somewhere will walk away knowing this message.

"What's important is that I've got your back and you've got mine, and even though we might disagree on the little things it's the big things that hold us together," said Hopkins-Hubbard.

Sam and the horses only have one thing planned once they reach the Atlantic.

"We're going to walk in the ocean," said Hopkins-Hubbard.

To follow Sam's jounrey visit:

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