Better Business Bureau recomends ways to avoid Valentine's Day romance scams

It's time to protect your hearts and your wallets leading into this Valentine’s Day.

Tuesday the Better Business Bureau (BBB) reminded everyone to be very cautious when visiting online dating sites like Tinder, E-Harmony, and

According to the BBB many scammers are beginning to impersonate U.S service members this February.

"They'll come on pretty strong pretty fast with the feelings, and then that leads into scenarios where their saying my children are sick, or I need money because I'm in the military, I need to come home, or I need money for medical expenses. Then they will ask people to send large amounts of money."  Better Business Bureau (BBB)  Marketplace Manager of the Tri-Cities Anna Bruggeman said.

Another big red flag is when a user will try to navigate your communication away from the monitored cites and into a more private sector.

According to the (BBB) the best way to avoid romance scams is to avoid sending money, don't allow the relationship to move too fast, don't fall for automatic messaging with generic instant responses, and most importantly be wary of the scenarios that look to good to be true.

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