Fuse helps launch Tri-Cities entrepreneurs

Thursday a special new program is set to take off.

Launch Tri-Cities is a local start-up support group that provides all the tools for entrepreneurs to bring business to our communities.

"We take in ideas and we put out business," co-founder of Fuse Coworking and Launch Tri-Cities Erik Rilston said.

 Rilston believes success in the Tri-Cities starts with one concept.

"We are going to offer a unique opportunity for Tri-Citians to band together and make new things," Rilston said.

His groups bringing together creative thinkers, and one start-up is already a success with the help of Rilston and his team.

"Solar Spirits is our biggest success story they are spreading nationally," Rilston continued.

People who never met before are now joining ideas.

"They actually formed a thriving business, the first solar powered distillery in the United States," Rilston continued.

Solar Spirits is just one of the several businesses part of this sharing process.

Generating a way to use solar power to create a more sustainable way to sip on your next spirit.

"We use that to heat the water and our stills instead of using electric energy," Solar Spirits marketing coordinator Mallory Miller said.

Miller also played a part in local expansion, even getting Tri-City spirits on Costco shelves across the nation.

"Went from having 20, 30 businesses starting to carry our products around the state including some in Seattle," Miller continued.

Solar Spirits standing in as an example of how a small company can go big with the help from the right people at the right time.

"In particular, those special skills to get started," Rilston continued.

Visionaries of all skills, set to come together to help launch Tri-City entrepreneurs to the next level.

"Launch university helps them take their big ideas and put them into a simple plan such that they can go from zero to sixty in less time than they thought imaginable," Rilston concluded.

The launch pad event Thursday starts at six p.m at the Fuse Coworking space on George Washington way and if you have business ideas of your own, you are invited.

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