Moreno family gathering to raise mental health awareness

Kennewick WA – Saturday the family of 19-year-old Marc Moreno, who died tragically in Benton County Jail one year ago, is one step closer towards a sense of peace.

Family and friends gathered in front of Benton County Jail to celebrate the life of their friend, and loved one Marc Moreno who suffered from mental health issues and was found dead in his Benton County Jail cell March 11 of 2016.

Those closest to him say the gathering in front of the jail was not just for Marc.

"It gives me some type of peace because at least we know that this isn't going to happen to anyone else, we're not just here for Marc we're here for everybody who has mental health issues and is brought to jail," Marc Moreno’s sister Jessica Moreno said.

"To gather today and just share this memory and keep it alive and I feel that everyone’s spirit is here with him to support the family, the love that we had for him," Marc Moreno’s sister Erica Moreno said.

After singing happy birthday to Marc, friends and family let blue balloons float away in the sky together as they stood in front of the jail holding one another close.

The Moreno family says their hope is that their celebration of Marc's life every year will help continue to raise the mental health awareness in the Tri-Cities community.

For information regarding the Moreno case you can visit the most recent article published on our website on November 23, 2016.

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