Mother needs help to fix her leaking roof

Back in December of last year, brothers Leonard and Richard smith began fighting inside their Yakima home.

According to police, Leonard was stabbed by his brother Richard who is now in jail.

Leonard died in the hospital several weeks later.

That left their mother Beverly Smith, 88, without her two sons who she relied onto to help her.

Richard, her primary care giver now is awaiting trial on 2nd degree murder charge.

Smith has been through a rough month.

One son killed, the other one in jail accused of his brother's murder, hip surgery and now a leaking roof.

"Having this water problem, it just seems to get worse, you know," said Beverly Smith.

Smith said that the roof at her mobile home where she has lived since the 1960s has been deteriorating for years.

Last year when her sons were around they helped her add a big tarp over the roof and it wasn't a problem.

"I really need help i really do, I can't afford to get this fixed I just don't have that kind of money," said Smith.

Smith has tried patching the leak with plastic bags but it hasn't worked.

Her latest attempt a garbage bin and a bucket.

"I hate to be in this situation but I am and I can't help it so I really need help from anybody I’d be ever so grateful," added Smith.  

When her sons were around they helped smith with some of her bills.

But with only social security to pay the bills, paying for roof repairs not covered by insurance will be nearly impossible.

“If I could have some help from somebody I’d really appreciate it,” said Smith.

Right now Smith is working to get past her recent struggles, but her recent hip surgery is making that difficult.

She said that any help would mean a lot to her.
Smith’s grandson is currently working on creating a GoFundMe page for anyone who would like to help.

Or if you have some building expertise and would like to reach out to her.

Any donations can be sent to her address at:

2414 South 66th Ave in Yakima, WA 98903


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