Naches Heights Firefighters Searching for Potential Arsonist

Firefighters in Cowiche have their hands full these days -- they're on the lookout for who they believe to be a potential arsonist.

Lesly Kezele is a volunteer firefighter with Naches Heights, he is also a victim of these potential arsons.

Kezel says he received the call from dispatch last week, a fire had broken out at a familiar address.

"I said, 'oh my god, it's my house'"

Kezele's home was torn down by the fire, along with a second home.

His home had previously belonged to his father, who passed away just over a month ago.

"I lost everything; I lost my trailer, the double-wide trailer I was staying in," said Kezele, "It's just something that -- nobody would ever want to go through something like this."

Since the Fourth of July, there have been seven reported fires in the Cowiche area, most along the road-side, leading investigators to believe an arsonist is on the loose.

Last night, four acres of land burned along Weikel Road, firefighters say that was most likely caused by fireworks -- and most likely the same suspect responsible for the rash of fires.

Firefighters say the fires tend to start around the same time; between four and five o'clock.

Kezele says he never imagined his job would hit so close to home, and wants to bring an end to the acts of arson, if they are true.

"Hopefully they can catch who did this, I am just devestated."

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