Naches Man Passes Out, Strikes Power Pole

Just after 3 PM yesterday, Yakima County Sheriff’s Deputies along with Selah Fire and an ambulance were dispatched to the 1520 Block of No. Wenas Rd to a report of a vehicle that had gone off of the roadway and struck a power pole causing power lines to come down across the roadway. This caused some local power outages.

Investigation revealed that the male driver, a 52 YOA Naches area resident was north bound driving a 1997 Chrysler Sebring convertible with the top down.

The driver stated that he had briefly passed out, possibly from prescription medication use.

The vehicle left the right/east side of the roadway where the right front of the car struck the power pole breaking the pole off at the base. The vehicle then went through a chain link fence, across a lawn and then struck a retaining wall.

A dog that was in the vehicle was reportedly thrown from the vehicle. The dog was located and appeared to be okay.

The driver did not sustain any severe injuries but was transported to the hospital.

The driver was wearing his seatbelt.

The collision is under investigation for impairment.

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