Names of Fallen Soliders Read Out Loud In Honor Of Memorial Day

Memorial Day is Monday and to some peope that means the kick off to summer or a extra day off work.

Today Columbia Basin College reminded us who Memorial Day is for and what it's all about.

Students and veterans read the names of fallen soliders from the state of Washington one at a time.

More than 300 names were read.

All of them fallen soliders from Vietnam, Afganistan and Iraq.

Student and veteran Daniel Sanner served in the Marine Corps in California and Japan from 2006 to 2011.  

Sanner said hearing each name instead of just a number of fallen service members makes it all more real.

"It really brings it to heart just how important their service was. You know sometimes we may forget about it and don't think about it. That's why we have Memorial Day, to remember those people because it could've been any of us could be your friend could be our daughter could be anyone," said Sanner.

Students also read the names of friends or family member who weren't already on the list.

Sanner said it was hard to hear a veteran read 25 names off of his personal list.


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