New Chapter for Local Seabees

Seabees assemble!

The Mid-Columbia has a new chapter for members of the United States Navy Construction Battalion.

Several Vietnam veterans who served as Seabees have been working for about two years to get their very own chapter together here in the Tri-Cities as a way to gather local Seabees.

It's called Navy Seabee Veterans of America Island 7.

At a ceremony last night, officers were sworn into their positions as commander and secretary treasurer.

There are 18 members so far and they say they hope to expand in order to connect with fellow Seabees.

"Most of us have been through things that young people shouldn't be involved in and we've dealt with that over the last 50 or so years," said Bob McCarley, commander of the new chapter. 

"It's comradery, we get together and remember," said Rockney Stoddard, who founded the local chapter. "It's a little bit of healing from our past."

The new chapter does not currently have its own office but will be meeting once a month at the American Legion office in Pasco.

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