New Fire Station Has Some Kennewick Residents Concerned

Some Kennewick residents have concerns about the city's plans to build a fire station on the corner of 10th and Kellog.

Citizens are worried that the city is overpaying for the land and the streets around that area aren't made for fire trucks.

The city is offering to pay $400,000 for the house and small shop on the property.

The assesed value on the property is just over $200,000, so why pay nearly double?

The city said that's the price for to pay for the perfect location

There is also a gas pipeline running through the propery cutting the usable area for construction in half.

Kennewick resident Tia Maria Bewlay said traffic in that area is also a concern.

Kellog is a two lane road with a median in the middle.

Bewlay said there isn't enough room for cars to move to the side for fire trucks to pass.

She is worried this could lead to the city having to re-do the road, costing tax payers more money.    

City of Kennewick spokesperson Evelyn Lusignan said firet rucks have successfully used that stretch of Kellog in the past.

Lusignan said the city of Kennewick hasn't built a fire station in 20 years and with the growth of the city it is a needed addition.

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