New K9 For The Benton County Sheriff's Department

The Benton County Sheriff's Department has a new member on its team.

Egon, the german shepherd, officially has his shield.

Egon has been partnered with Deputy Brett Hansen.

Together they completed a ten week/400 hour training program.

Egon is trained to track humans and evidence.

Training consisted of bite work, tracking and area searches.

Hansen said the sheriff's department is fortunate because one of the Kennewick police officers is a master handler so they were able to train locally.

Egon is one out of two K9s the Benton County Sheriff's Department has.

Hansen said these dogs provide officers with a greater sense of security and makes them more proficient at their jobs.

Egon's only three years old and came to the Tri Cities from Germany in November.

Hansen said he has always been impressed by the way these trained dogs work.

He has been attending officer K9 training classes for about a year before even getting Egon.

Since Egon is from Germany he only responds to cues in German.

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