New Marijuana Bill Proposed

A newly proposed marijuana bill in the State House would require cities and counties to cooperate with the terms put forth by the state liquor control board if it becomes law.

This means cities would not be allowed to implement zoning or other regulations such as moratoriums that would get in the way of pot businesses.

The bill states that local governments would have to treat marijuana businesses the same as any other business attempting to locate within their boundaries.

Those that don't cooperate could loose their share of funds from a state liquor-license account.

Your Local ABC reached out all of the cities with moratoriums in place right now to get their opinion.

They all said they haven't read the bill in-depth enough to comment at this time.

Also up for discussion in Olympia today was medical marijuana.

It has been legal since 1998 and with the passage of 502 last year it is now going to be sold at licensed recreational stores.

Today there was a hearing to discuss potential changes in the medical marijuana system. They include reducing the amount of marijuana and number of plants patients can have, getting rid of collective gardens, and establishing a patient regstery.

Lawmakers are talking about these changes to medical marijuana because they are worried that the unregulated medical marijuana will undercut the revenue from recreational pot.

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