New Neighborhood Sparks Concerns Over a Land Preserve

A proposed new South Richland subdivision has some community members worried about the future of the land in the area.  

The new neighborhood is going to be built right next to the Amon Creek Natural Preserve between Steptoe and Leslie.

The new subdivision will include 320 residential lots, roughly 14 acres for a school and 32 acres of open space.

Tapteal Greenway, the group that takes care of the preserve was originally planning on buying that land to expand the preserve.

Karen Sowers siad this is also the last remainng tract of land in the area with this particular combination of shrubs and wetland.

Sowers said over 100 species of plants animals and birds live in the unique environment.

She said this area gets a lot of use by the community.

"There's school field trips here, there's boy scout here and just the sheer number of volunteer hours that has gone into cleaning this whole area up.  Then to see something like this come in and it will be gone, its a line we hear again and again once it's gone it's gone forever," said Sowers?

Tapteal Greenway is also concerned about the cities plan to extend Rachel Road through the new subdivision and then preserve.

Sower said the city has been talking about extending this road for awhile but those plans were eventually dropped, but now the extension has come up again due to the development of the neighborhood.

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