New Shooting Range for County Law Enforcement

Yakima County Commissioners and law enforcement hang the flag on a brand new shooting range, just outside of Moxee.

The nearly $200,000 facility consists of long and short-range pistol ranges, a 20-foot dirt berm for safety, and over 100 acres of land, which will be used for future classroom buildings.

Earlier this year, commissioners awarded the money for the project, after deputies and corrections officers spent years training at the Yakima Training Center and in Union Gap.

Sheriff Ken Irwin says the facility will better serve his deputies, who no longer have to spend time working around other agencies schedules

"To have our own, where we aren't going to be canceled at the last minute because there's a fire on the range, or because we've got a bunch of people here from the west side and military is going to take precedent; this makes all that planning that much more viable, everything's more efficient that way," said Irwin.

The shooting range is restricted to sheriff's deputies and corrections officers, however, Sheriff Irwin says plans to allow other agencies to use the facility are in the works.

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