New Temporary R and H at Fran Rish Stadium

Crews laid down new sod in the outilne of the R and the H of Fran Rish Stadium.

These are just temporary letters and this time students and boosters were involved in this decision.

Principals, students and boosters all got together to discuss what they would like to see fill in the gaps before spring sports officially begin.

Kim Oates, the Vice President of Bombers Boosters, said they wanted to come up with a temporary solution to be used during the re-model stage of the stadium.

All agreed that laying down sod in a contrasting color green to the grass was a good answer.

Oates said the students also want to paint the letters.

She said they will most likely be yellow and they hope to do that before a track meet that will be held there on Saturday.

Oates said these are temporary but they could be there as long as into next football season.

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