New Trail On Badger Mountain

Friends of Badger Mountain volunteers started construction on a new trail along the south side of the mountain.

This trail is going to be the least steep out of all the trails and part of it will run right above an apple orcharid.

The new trail starts at the same point as the Skyline trail.

The two split about a half of a mile up and then the new trail continues south of Skyline trail.

Jim Langdon the trailmaster said the new trail will be 2.5 miles long.

He said it will be open to hikers, bikers and horses.

"This trail was designed a lot with bicycles in mind so that it's not straight it's going to have curves in it. It's going to go up and down a little bit because there are several canyons on this side of the mountain so we'll be dipping in and out of them," said Langdon.

This is the first time Freinds of Badger Mountain are using machines to help clear a trail.

Langdon said it should take about two weeks for the machines to do the rough dig and then they will need volunteers to help smooth and gravel the path.

Friends of Badger Mountain hope to have the trail complete by the end of April.

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