News Conference Regarding The Alleged Home Invasion Shooting

An autopsy was performed today on the body of the victim, 28 year old Stephan Aceves.

The official cause of death is multiple gun shot wounds to the head and torso.

The Franklin County Prosecutors office and Pasco police department also held a news conference today about the case.

Pasco Police said they are still investigating and the prosecutor has not made a decision if criminal charges will be filed against the homeowner, Rudy Ontiveros.

Franklin County Prosecutor Shawn Sant would not talk about the specifics of the case because the investigation is still ongoing.

He did say that Aveces was shot inside the home and not on the front porch.

That investigation will help the prosecuting attorney decide if the force used by Ontiveros was reasonable under the circumstances at the time.

That will determine if charges will or will not be filed against Ontiveros.

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