Noel Shannon Revisits Crash Site

We are continuing to follow the story of a young Walla Walla woman who lost her leg in a pickup truck accident.

Your Local ABC joined 23-year-old Noel Shannon as she returned to the crash site today in the mountains in Milton-Freewater where she was involved in a tragic accident forcing doctors to have to amputate her left leg.

Today, she sat in the exact spot she was stuck in for 10 hours on the night of July 3rd.

"It's amazing being able to sit here and be alive and not have to worry whether I'm going to die or not," said Shannon.

It's not an easy visit for her to make but Shannon said it gives her strength.

"The sooner the better, it definitely makes the healing process go by a lot faster," said Shannon.

On the night of the accident, she swerved to avoid hitting a deer, the brakes went out and the truck flipped several times.

The truck landed on its side and her leg was stuck out the window underneath the door.

She placed a rearview mirror near her leg to prop the truck up to keep it from pushing down on her leg.

She used a car key to dig her leg out it's also the key that she had considered cutting her leg off with to escape.

Shannon then ripped her leg from the door, used her good leg to break the windshield and used both of her hands to pry the glass open to make her way to safety.

Today was Shannon's first time being in the truck since the accident and explains the grim feeling.

"My blood is everywhere and it's kind a terrible to look at that," said Shannon.

Shannon still suffers from phantom pain in her leg.

She has to take 50 pills a day and travel to Seattle every two weeks for doctors appointments.

She said life has become very difficult and at times she gets really angry asking, "Why me?" But as she sat in that old pick-up today she realized something.

"I'm very thankful that I'm here today and that I can step back and look at all of this and know that all of that fighting wasn't for nothing and I made it through," said Shannon.

Shannon's family is raising money for her so that she can get a prosthetic running leg.

If you want to help there will be a spaghetti feed this Thursday at the Milton-Freewater Els Club from 5 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

You can also go to any Banner Bank and donate under the name Noel Shannon Medical Fund.

Also, check out Shannon's Facebook page for more information.

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