Opening Day At The Walla Walla Fair

The annual Walla Walla fair kicks off today.

The fair started back in 1866 and is still one of the highlight events of the year.

Ellissa Durning has been showing Alpacas for 9 years now but this is the first time she has ever gotten to show them in the state of Washington.

"My favorite thing is their personality, a lot of people think that they're very scary and going to spit and they are actually very docile and gentle they love to do obstacle courses and they like to have fun," said Durning. 

Local kids have also been raising pigs, cows and sheep that they will be auctioning off.

All of those delicious diet breaking fair favorite food stands are set up with corn dogs, curly fries, and funnel cakes of course.

The AG exhibit, housed in the oldest octagon building in the state of Washington, is another stop on the fair map.  

People of all ages enter produce they've grown in hopes of winning the first place blue ribbon,
"I love the fact that the kids are able to get here and showcase what they have  been doing over the year, lot of these products start in October and this is the culmination of the end," said Melanie Owens, the 4-H program director.

The fair will also feature multiple concerts throughout the week. Tonight The Charlie Daniels Band and Marshal Tucker Band will perform at 7 p.m.

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