Operation Thank You Gets a Thank You!

Operation Thank You, the Tri-Cities based organization which routinely sends care packages to our troops overseas, recently received a nice thank you letter and pictures from Dan Wilson, one of the troops stationed at Camp Marmal, Afghanistan. The message is below:

Thanks so much for all you do.  We received twenty boxes from you today.  Nine were for dogs and I had a great time passing them out.  The Americans here on Camp Marmal contract their K-9 services, most of the teams I met today were from Zimbabwe and Uganda.  They were some really nice guys, they invited me to visit their countries.  I have been to Uganda, I was surrounded by about 200 soldiers with AK47s.  I little tense for a while but we somehow weaseled out of it without a scratch.  The Europeans have a lot of dogs as well, I met German and Belgium teams and we had fun there too.  
I attached some pictures, enjoy. 
Thanks so much for considering our best friends when you were taking care of the troops.


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