Owner designs small business to resonate with next generation creatives

Graphic designer Olivia Berg, 26, is the proud owner of one of the Tri-Cities newest small businesses, called Blankspace.

Last year she and her husband traveled the country, living out of an Airstream.

"Blankspace is kind of the manifestation of all those things that we discovered and learned about on the road as well is just our passions and our histories as being lifelong Tri-Cities residents," said Berg.

Inspired by her experience, she designed the Kennewick shop, studio, event space and juice bar to resonate with the next generation.

"I just wanted to bring some flair and some culture to the Tri-Cities in a way that was relevant to who we are locally but also kind of gave our area a taste of what some of those bigger markets have to offer," said Berg.

For the last three years Berg has been creating paper invitation for wedding and other events. She is passionated about everything being local, American-made and sustainable.

"We hire local creatives to teach our workshops so whether it's painting or weaving or any number of things were able to support and growth the creative community in a way that's on trend and relevant," said Berg.

Even the Karma juice products are local.Berg invited the delivery-only business to set up shop in the Blankspace studio.

"When you have an idea and you can bring up others along side of you I'm really all about community over competition," said Berg.

Each month 10 percent of retail sales and 25 cents for each check in on social media will go to a different local non -profit. This month's non-profit is Rascal Rodeo, an organization that puts on rodeo events for people with special needs.

"Local nonprofit operation - that's just on a completely different level itself, it's just the most selfless important thing that someone can do," said Berg. "Small business is hard. It takes a lot of risk, a little bit of insanity, a lot of hard work and if you have an idea that you're passionate about there's nothing better than seeing that come to fruition."

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