"Pack the Trailer"

Randy Andrews wants to make a difference, he's a science teacher at East Valley High School, and a former semi-truck driver.

Andrews says he was on his computer during spring break, reading about the devastation in Snohomish County.

"I saw a need," said Andrews, "As I read about the need, I thought 'Those people are hurting and we have our worth all over here to here to help,' and [I] Put it together."

Andrews loaded up his personal truck and trailer and delivered over 4,500 pounds of donated goods to Oso victims.

Having heard of his deed, friends and his former employers at Haney Truck Line are upping the ante.

They want to host a donation event in 10 days to help  fill a truck trailer with donated goods, which would total over 50,000 pounds.

After Andrews delivers it to those in Snohomish County, the company wants to donate the semi to help in relief efforts.

Now andrews spends his days planning for the event, and working with other local companies who would like to donate as well.

"Rust people coming from everywhere saying 'Hey, how can I help?'" said Andrews, "It's just a humbling experience, it's been very rewarding."

The trailer packing event is scheduled for a week from Saturday, the 26th, from 10 am to 2pm at the Haney Truck Line in Terrace Heights.

People can also donate cash and goods to Sav-On foods and the Red Apple in Selah throughout the week.

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