Pasco Considering A Ban on The Sale, Distribution and Growing of Marijuana

The city of Pasco is now exploring putting a ban on  the sale, distribution and growing of marijuana within city limits.

Mayor Matt Watkins asked his city staff to start preparing an ordinance prohibiting marijuana related businesses.

Come September the citie's second moratorium is set to expire, and at that time the city has to make a decision about what they want to do about marijuana.

Mayor Watkins said if the council decided to implement a ban it would include both medical and recreational marijuana.

He said the ban would ban sales, distribution and growing of marijuana, but not the possession of it or use.

Watkins said if the city votes in a ban that doesn't mean it is permanent, it can be reversed.

Watkins said right now he thinks a ban is best for Pasco because the state is still trying to figure out where the tax revenue is going,  lawmakers are still trying to agree on how the legalization of recreational marijuana will effect medical marijuana andd it isn't legal on the federal level yet.

"There is a popular misconception that somehow jurisdictions are going to make money off of marijuana, but there is no tax money slated to come to local jurisdictions for sale or anything of marijuana that's a myth," said Watkins.

The council is not unanimously set on the possibility of a ban.

Watkins said the council plans to have another workshop to discuss this issue in the coming weeks.

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