Pasco Man Arrested for Felony Assault

Just after 10 PM last night, Pasco Officers were dispatched to the 1200 Block of Road 68 for a reported domestic disturbance argument taking place at a residence.

When officers arrived on the scene an obvious disturbance could be heard inside the residence. As officers were attempting to make contact at the residence it is believed that an individual exited the residence with a shotgun in his hands displaying the weapon towards officers.  During the course of the incident a Pasco Police Officer fired his weapon, multiple times at the individual who then retreated back into the residence.

A short time later the suspect was taken into custody by police as he exited the residence.  No one was injured during the incident.  40-year-old Christopher Murphy of Pasco is in custody this morning being held on felony assault charges and court order violations.

Investigators this morning are completing a search warrant and crime scene investigation at the residence.  The investigation will be forwarded to the Franklin County Prosecutors Office for review.

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